Frey's custom white label solutions

Let us help you develop a custom, private label range of premium quality processed meat products to cater to the needs of your unique market.

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    The benefits of our customised white label solutions

    Why choose Frey's as your preferred house brand?

    Our unsurpassed legacy of collaboration with customers and custom, short notice product development results in win-win sustainable partnerships. Frey’s Food Brands is the trusted supplier to some of South Africa's biggest food industry brands and enjoys ongoing participation in promotional cycles.

    We pride ourselves on delivering flexible solutions for our clients, on time, without compromising on quality. We designed and built our factory and production processes to meet the top international standards. 

    That famous Frey’s flavour is the result of hundreds of small decisions for excellence. Not just the quality ingredients that we select, but in our passion for animal welfare and our constant staff training.

    • Fresh cocktail cheese grillers in a skillet with thyme

    • The advantages of white labelling vs. developing your own range of pork products

      It’s quick and easy to go to market with a superior product offering 

      Our white label solutions give you the agility to introduce new products to your meat range at a competitive price. You won’t need to invest large amounts of time and capital into research and development. Our innovative team of experts will develop custom products based on the unique requirements for your market.

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    While you win hearts and minds, we’ll win taste buds and tummies

    We leverage technology and the natural taste of meat to produce the best recipes. Frey’s only use the best quality ingredients in a reliable, controlled way to deliver the products you and your customers love.

    All of our white labelled products are branded with your logo and corporate identity. Your customers will associate your brand with unbeatable quality and flavour at a reasonable price.

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