• Sausagepic

  • Frey’s have leveraged 4 generations of history of fine sausage-making in the German tradition to make the ultimate in sausages, and used leading-edge technology, to replicate the best attributes perfectly. Our foundational values drive our technology and processes : the best of ingredients, beautiful quality meat, zero soya or filler, very low carb, and quality without question … without compromise.

    Frey’s legendary sausages are made daily using the finest fresh ingredients. We use absolutely no mechanically recovered meat, genetically modified ingredients, chemical colourings, preservatives or any other artificial additives. From Viennas and Grillers, to Russians and Traditional Breakfast Sausages, we have a superior flavour product to lift your menu. World-class, German-inspired top drawer products deliver the quality and freshness you need to create delicious dishes that, literally, keep people coming back for more.

    Your customers deserve South Africa’s best sausages. We can provide a superior taste experience and quality because we believe what you put in is what you get out. Simply put, meat tastes like meat : water, soya, fat, starches do not. Unlike our competitors, who use smoke essence, we use imported Beech wood from the German/French border for an authentic smoke flavour. We insist on premium, unprocessed mature cheddar cheese in our cheese grillers … at every opportunity, we have opted for the best, brought to you at competitive pricing.

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