Mouthwatering gammon and pork cuts

There’s nothing like an exquisite glazed gammon during the holidays. But when you really get it right, you’ll want to eat it all year round. In fact, that’s how “pulled pork” was born. Our traditional, wood-smoked gammon and pork cuts keep you coming back for more.

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  • Pork products prepared in the authentic German tradition

    At Frey’s we’re obsessed with quality and flavour, and the preparation process is key. Our gammon, and full suite of smoked ham cuts, are proudly head and shoulders above our competitors. Why? Because our pork products are produced with only the best quality ingredients.

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High-quality ingredients for a superior dining experience

Quality ingredients make all the difference, not only in taste but in satiety and overall satisfaction. We don’t believe in using liquid smoke drizzled over our pork cuts for a superficial smoke-like flavour. We import genuine wood chips for the traditional hot smoke process. This ensures that our meat cuts have an authentic, subtle smokey flavour and suffer less shrinkage during the cooking process.

Our gammon and pork cuts are something to celebrate all year round

The best pork products for your customers

Why settle for less than the best? Frey’s Food Brands offer the best quality pork products (at a reasonable price), to ensure that your customers enjoy every bite. We know what it takes to get you exactly what you love, perfectly, every time.

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