Gammon & pork cuts

Our gammon is something to celebrate all year round.

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  • There is nothing like an exquisite glazed gammon during the holidays. But when you really get it right, you’ll want to eat it all year round. In fact, that is how “pulled pork” was born.

    At Frey’s we are obsessed with quality and flavour, and preparation is key. Our gammon, and full suite of smoked ham cuts, are proudly head and shoulders above what is out there. Instead of a smoke essence drenched on the surface and additives as a cheap substitute … we use genuine imported wood chips for a traditional hot smoked process. This creates a subtle, flavoursome smoke taste that keeps people coming back for more . It also means less shrinkage and that unbeatable traditional flavour.

    Pork shoulders, boned, deboned, pickled, or smoked … all prepared with passion, to the most exacting German standards.

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