Discover our range of ham, salami and deli meats

Frey’s cold meats are made from the finest quality ingredients. Our selection of ham, salami and polony contain absolutely no soya or fillers. Make your meals memorable for all the right reasons with that famous Frey’s flavour.

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  • Deli meats that make a difference

    Our smoked and cured range of cold meat products were made with chefs, delis and franchise operators in mind. We know how important it is for you to deliver an exceptional taste experience for your customers. That’s why we’ll never let you down.

    Delicious, A-grade cold meat products

    We’re fanatical about our recipes, ingredients and flavour integrity. We’ve gone the extra mile to eliminate fluctuations in quality to provide a consistent product that you can count on.

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You’ll love Frey’s deli meats as much as your customers do

Choose Frey’s as your preferred meat supplier

Don’t settle for less than the best - your customers can taste the difference. Frey’s is your trusted partner in meat with a strong supply chain throughout South Africa. We deliver superior quality meat products at a competitive price.

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