Best in Bacon since 1937

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  • Not all bacon is created equal. Ours is based on the Frey’s family tradition, and love for our craft, born in the blackforest area in southern Germany. We know Bacon. We know what it takes to get you exactly what you love, perfectly, every time. We have gone the extra mile to eliminate the fluctuations that affect portion control. We can guarantee you slice count and more consistent fat content, resulting in seamless portion control. You can, literally, count on us.

    Because our bacon was developed with chefs and Franchise operators in mind, it will not stick together in the pack. It is vertically stacked in our food service packs, enabling easy handling, minimised damage, and easy review of product quality (no covering up the fat by shingeling or jumble packs). Genuine wood chip, hot smoked, it browns and crisps beautifully, giving a distinctive natural smoked flavour.

    Given the pickling and hot smoking process, our bacon shrinks less than our competitors’ products that are liquid smoked with smoke essence. In fact, we pay a premium for the right pigs, just to bring you the best bacon performance – in the pan, and on the plate, per slice, every time. Frey’s bacon means high quality, and portion size you can count on.

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