Proud history, strong future

Pioneers of meat processing perfection.

With the strong roots of four generations of meat manufacture in the German tradition, Frey’s specialises in supplying superior meat products : sausages; bacon; gammon & pork cuts; and cold meats to the Food Service and Retail Industry.

While others may use production to mask cheap ingredients, we have leveraged technology and the natural taste of meat to produce the best recipes using the best ingredients in a reliable, controlled way. When Frey’s entered the Food Service market, products were often referred to as “catering grade” and received a substandard approach from suppliers promoting stock that did not meet retail standards. Frey’s is proud to have established Food Service as a stand alone market, and discerning customer base, by introducing quality and bespoke solutions for industry.

That famous Frey’s flavour is the result of hundreds of small decisions for excellence. From our passion for animal welfare, to our constant staff training, and our own uniquely selected spices and ingredients … every little piece of our polished process is a key ingredient in the Frey’s recipe. We designed and built a manufacturing factory to international standards, to create consistent high quality product cost effectively.

Our philosophy has been that large scale production should not equal cheap. We have seen it as an opportunity to make the ultimate products in each category we chose to compete in. We take a traditional recipe, and produce it it with a controlled process, more effectively using the latest computer controlled processes. This ensures that we can offer minimal deviation in quality, even though our industry is subject to standard deviations inherent in natural products. Every batch is tested and analysed, from every angle, before being released for sale. Frey’s is able to deliver a superior product, nationally … competitive and compelling.