Our definition of quality is consistency


Our long history of success stories, and innovation-for-purpose, have won us many industry friends and customers. We work with the end customer in mind, and filter all processes through what serves our customers’ application in terms of their preparation, storage and appeal to the end customer. We use great quality meat. We are in favour of using meat in meat products, and don’t advocate the use of soya or any kind of meat replacement to reduce production cost.

Customers who prefer soya as a protein alternative should be allowed to make a conscious choice in doing so, and not as a filler and extender in meat products. Our view is the same with regards to starch.

We use real imported beach wood for smoking, instead of liquid smoke essence. We use real mature cheddar cheese in favour of processed cheese.

We are fanatical about our recipes, ingredients, and flavour integrity … and the response has been incredible.