Innovation at Frey’s: the science behind satisfaction

Our unsurpassed legacy of collaboration with customers and custom, short notice development results in win-win sustainable partnerships. Frey’s is the trusted supplier to SA’s biggest food industry brands and enjoys ongoing participation in promotional cycles.

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“Cost effective” shouldn’t equal poor quality

Frey’s is the market leader in innovation, specialising in fit-for-purpose solutions to suit specific storage, preparation and service parameters.

Our legacy of continuous innovation means we can guarantee slice counts, weights and minimal shrinkage. We’ve turned large-scale meat production into an opportunity to make the ultimate products in every category we choose to compete in.

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  • Pioneers of meat processing perfection

    We take a traditional recipe, and produce it using a controlled process and the latest technology in the industry. This ensures minimal deviation in quality, even though our industry is subject to the standard deviations inherent in natural products. Every batch is tested and analysed, from every angle, before being released for sale.

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Frey’s is able to deliver a superior product, nationally, at a competitive price thanks to our commitment to consistent innovation.

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